Monday, July 21, 2008

Becoming An Ideal Self

Becoming Our Self--Ideal:Major(R)Khalid Nasr Our self-ideal largely determines the direction in which we are going with our life. It guides the growth and evolution of our character and personality. Our self-ideal is a combination of all of the qualities and attributes of other people that we most admire. Our self-ideal is a description of the person we would very much like to be. To become our self-ideal we have to take following steps: 1.Strive Toward Excellence:Throughout our life, we have seen and read about the qualities of courage, confidence, compassion, love, fortitude, perseverance, patience, forgiveness and integrity. Over time, these qualities have instilled in us an ideal to which we aspire. We might not always live up to the very best that we know, but we are constantly striving to be a better person in light of those qualities that we value so highly. In fact, everything that we do on a day-to-day basis is affected by our comparing our activities with these ideal qualities and our striving to behave consistently with them. 2.Clarity is Essential:One of the primary characteristics of successful men and women in every walk of life is that they have very clearly defined ideals and they are very aware of whether or not their current behaviors are consistent with their idealized behaviors. 3.Set Challenging Goals:Part of our ideals are our goals. As we set higher and more challenging goals, our self-ideal improves and crystallizes. When we set goals for the kind of person you want to be and the kind of life you want to live, our self-ideal rises and becomes a greater guiding and motivating force in our life. 4.Our Future is Unlimited:Improvements in our self-ideal begin in our imagination, and in our imagination, there are no limits except the ones that we accept. What is your ideal vision of the very best person you could possibly become? How would you behave each day if you were already that person? Asking yourself these questions and then living your life consistent with the answers is the first step to creating yourself in your ideal image.

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