Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mind-set of Politicians in Pakistan

Mind-set of Politicians in Pakistan: Major (R)Khalid Nasr A progressed Pakistan, a democratic country is the worst nightmare for our politicians. Why would they axe off their own foot, by bringing in progress or democracy or education for that matter.
If people were educated, and did not have to worry about where their next meal was coming from, who would our dear awami leaders fill their trucks like cattle and take to the polling booths to stamp their thumbs. Who would be ready to get into trucks and buses and come from the villages to cities, in exchange for a free ride to town and Biryani every day, to hold banners and shout slogans. Who would look after the flowers laid on the graves of Saints like ZAB and Benazir. Remember, This is Fuedal Pakistan, one brother stands for election from one party, the other from the opposite, the uncle is an independent Umeedvaar. Why are you rocking the boat, by bringing in bad examples of Communist China Just flow with the tide, join politics, you too will have a few Pajeros and Hummers at your disposal.

Politicians of Pakistan provide ammunition to enemies about Army & ISI, when they talk about Army. Army Generals are less corrupt than politicians. PCO judges are more honset and educated than majority of politicians. Pakistan's politics is like a family owned closed corporation. The bottom line is that enemies of Pakistan want to destroy Pakistan's Army. I think we should take a lead from China where a*ll this started after 1984, when China declared "One Country Two Systems". Look at the progress China has made by combining Armed Forces and Civil Society together, where Army develops infrastructure while small, medium, & large businesses develop and grow economy for the betterment of common citizen. Politics is all local and Strong Center does not allow anyone to talk against State or System. Same thing is applied in the USA. But in Pakistan; every elected & non elected politician and anchors in media talks about break-up of Pakistan. I am shocked how our top Civil, Judicial, and Military brace tolerates this. China's stability, growth and economic development have lot to do with the system China adopted in 1984. The respect China has earned globally is worth following. In Pakistan we can adopt the same model as well. To implement that model Pakistan needs few honest visionaries. If China can grow with little
English, Pakistan is in better position to develop. Pakistan's decentralized system at Tehsil level is great and with more training and education it could be used to achieve economic goals. *Defence Forces and Civil Society has to create a partnership. Btitish style democracy have not changed ground realities.

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