Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quote of the Day


Give meaning to this day
What can you do to give this day meaning that will extend far beyond your own concerns? How can you live so as to make something beautiful and valuable flow out from you and into the lives of others?
If you stay too tightly wrapped up in the affairs of your limited ego, life becomes painfully empty. Yet you can escape that dreary prison in an instant.
Choose to give your own special meaning to life. Concern yourself not with what it will get you, but with how much beneficial influence it can have.
You are connected to a whole world of possibilities. Inject a unique and valuable vision into that world, and it can take on a magnificent life of its own.
Give meaning to life, and nurture that gift. Give meaning to life, and follow passionately where that meaning leads.
There are things you can create and express, things you can begin, things you can promote and develop that can come only from you. Let the substance of that meaning out into life, and know the joy that it surely will bring.

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